Ryan Swedenborg

Keizer Transit Center

Role: Graphic Designer                                                    

Art Director: Kathy Fry 

Environmental Design  Branding  Infographics

Made while working as a Visual Designer at Mayer/Reed Urban Design Studios.

TriMet public transportation provides bus, light rail and commuter rail transit services in the metro area of Portland, Oregon. Mayer Reed has done much work with TriMet, but with the Keizer Transit Center was unique because of it’s location. Located in a somewhat rural and secluded part of the Portland outskirts, the Keizer stop served as a hub for people commuting into downtown Portland. Often wait times exceed 15-20 minutes. In an effort to help those waiting stay busy, to acknowledge that transit center was LEED approved and a water reuse center, and to encourage those waiting to walk around the center instead of just sitting and waiting, we created a series of small paths that included informational signage about the space.