Ryan Swedenborg




Trimet - Public Transportation in Portland, OR

Portland has a very robust public transportation system called Trimet. Thousands of people use Trimet buses, trains, streetcars and more everyday to commute and explore the city. Unfortunately navigating this large system can be very daunting at times, especially given the current app created to help users use Trimet is poorly organized.

Project goals

After initial interviews with users of Trimet, it was clear the current Trimet apps were not up to snuff. For starters, we found most users were bouncing between three different apps to get from point A to point B. Trimet Tracker, Trimet Tickets and Google maps seemed to be the main go to for folks trying to use Trimet. I wanted to explore how me might be able to have all the services a Trimet user might need, live in one place.


Purposed updated site architecture.  


Navigating Trimet, digitally.

Navigating Trimet as a Transit system seemed pretty easy for most users. Trimet has a simple and to the point wayfinding system in place. There's no clutter to distract, just the facts of here's where you are, here's how you get to where you need to get going. I wanted that utility focus to remain in the feel of the app. Things that you would need in a rush, those would need to be front and center.

The look of Trimet

Trimets branding system is well thought out, accessible, and easy to digest quickly. With the UI of the app I wanted that same welcoming but to the point feel.